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On your guard in Winter!

Traditionally, we see an increase in burglaries after the clocks go back, as people are at work as it gets darker and their houses are unlit - If it is dark and there are no lights on in a house - obviously NO-ONE IS HOME.

We have already started our ‘Winter Burglary Campaign’ - Use this time to make any necessary changes to protect your home, if it will be dark over the winter months and you are not home:

  • Set electric timers on side lights and a talk radio station, which can be heard from the front door. You can now purchase adaptors for central light fittings, which have dusk to dawn sensors which can turn them on, when it gets dark, if you don’t have sidelights.

  • Purchase a ‘Fake TV’, from major online retailers. These cost less than £20 and once plugged in, can be left to do their job. They go in an upstairs, front facing room. They have 2 settings - Winter / Summer and an internal dusk to dawn sensor. In the summer, they come on as it gets dark and stay on for 4 hours. In the winter, they come on and stay on for 7 hours. They contain LED lights and cost virtually nothing to run. It is a small box, which just flickers colours - even around the edges of drawn curtains and it gives the appearance of a real TV being watched from the outside - THE HOUSE IS OCCUPIED - so, plug it in, set it, turn it on and forget it.

  • What lights to leave on, if you are not home and it is dark, or you go out ? Simple. Your house must look like someone is home, like every other occupied house in the road - so it does not become a target for opportunist thieves looking for easy pickings. When your house is occupied on a normal night - go outside and have a look. That is what you must re-create, If it is dark and you are not at home. If you have young people in the house ………. that is often, every light in every room. Do your best. The cost in electricity, is nothing, compared with the costs of being burgled.

  • If you don’t have one, consider getting a burglar alarm. They are now wireless, simple and quick to fit, and no-where near as expensive, as they used to be. Having an alarm, is NOT an indication that you have something inside worth stealing. They are fitted as standard in all new houses.

  • Think about purchasing a Video Doorbell. This will send the footage of anyone approaching your home, to your mobile phone, wherever you are in the world. You can also speak though the microphone, to anyone who approaches the house !

  • There are also ‘Guard Cams’. Again available from major online retailers. These are external security lights, which contain a hidden camera. If the beam is broken and they are activated, they record in full HDD colour and can also send the footage directly to your mobile phone.


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