10th November - Remembrance Service & Parades

This year's local Remembrance service will be held at St John’s, Eton High Street,

on 10th November, starting at 10.55 AM in the Remembrance Garden.


For the Remembrance Parades throughout the Borough, Click on the picture to open a document showing the road closures and times that relate to the Parades on the day.

11th November - Celebrate the unique Eton Choirbook


Monday 11th November

18:30 - 19:45

Eton College Chapel and Verey Gallery


The Eton Choirbook is a treasure-store of music and a beautiful instrument of worship, created between 1500 and 1504 for use at Eton College Chapel. Through its survival, this manuscript gives us access to a musical tradition and form of worship that was disrupted and almost obliterated by the Reformation.

The Choirbook was sung from every single day at a service known as a ‘Salve ceremony’. This was a short service of praise and prayer to the Virgin Mary performed as dusk was falling – it was a pre-Reformation model for modern choral evensong. On November 11th 2019, the chapel choir of Eton College will re-enact this service, including a performance of a polyphonic hymn to the Virgin, Salve Regina, taken from the Eton Choirbook.


The service will be preceded by a brief introduction by Dr Magnus Williamson of Newcastle University, and followed by an opportunity to see the Choirbook on display in the exhibition nearby.

Click on the picture to view more information and how to register for this unique and historic event

14th November - Eton Christmas Lights switch on

The wonderful annual event to switch on the beautiful Christmas lights in Eton High Street will take place again this year on Thursday November 14th 2019. As usual, there is a Chapel service at 6pm, then a procession down to Jubilee square where the lights will be switched on around 7PM.

Food stalls will be serving food and hot drinks down the lower end of the High Street. 

A fantastic communal occasion! Put it in your diary!

ECA Christmas Dinner 29th November

Sign up for the ECA Christmas dinner at the Christopher Hotel in Eton. It is under new management and they are keen to show us the new venture. Click on the picture to view their wonderful Christmas menus.

For the ECA dinner:-

Drinks reception and 3 course dinner - £29.95 per person

7.30 for 8PM in the Peacock Room at the Christopher Hotel in Eton

Dress code: Brightest, finest Jewels!

If you would like to join us, email


1st December - Community Carols at Eton College Chapel

Community Carols, 6 pm, Sunday 1 December – Eton College Chapel.  


No tickets required.

A joyous, uplifting start to the Christmas season with Eton College Choir and the Christmas story

in word and song.

Eton College - Music Diary for the Michaelmas term

Click on the picture to view the Music Diary for the Michaelmas term here at Eton. We look forward to seeing many of you at our concerts and recitals.

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