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Facts about the use of e-scooters

Thames Valley Police have been receiving a lot of enquiries re the use of E-Scooters on the roads and in our town centres. This is the definitive advice re their use:

The use of privately owned electric scooters are only permitted on private land or where the land owner has given permission.

Q. This is the result of a question from a Neighbourhood Watch member - If E-Scooters have to be taxed insured etc. How do I do that for my son’s E-Scooter, to make sure he is within the law?

A. It’s important to remember that privately owned e-scooters riders are not required to have a driver’s license or provisional license because they cannot be used on a public road. You do not need to register an electric scooter and it is tax exempt because it cannot be used on public roads. Insurance is not required also because it cannot be used on a public road.

It is also an offence to ride an e-scooter on the pavement, footpath, cycle paths or any pedestrian area - such as Windsor Town Centre !!!

We will be issuing Section 59 (Police Reform Act 2002) warnings to any users of electric scooters when not on private land. If you are stopped again, after receiving a Section 59 warning, your electric scooter will be seized (Section 60 Police Reform Act 2002) and you will receive either a fine or be required to attend court.


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