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Town and Gown
Simon Henderson, Headmaster Eton College

Eton is a town very close to my heart. I began my teaching career in the late 1990s at The Windsor Boys’ School and lived at that time in Emyln Buildings, overlooking the Brocas. As a total newcomer to the area I was immediately made welcome and the warmth of the community helped me considerably.


In 2001 I moved to teach History at Eton College and lived up, down and just off various parts of the High Street until I left Eton in 2009. In that time I got married to Ali and we got a dog and had our rst child. Ali and I could not have wished for a better place to start our married life together.


When Charlie was born our neighbours were so supportive and hospitable, despite the regular night-time screaming. It was a great wrench to move to pastures new as by then we had acquired many friends in the various businesses and shops along the High Street (and in a few of the pubs!), as well as at the College.

So we were completely thrilled to be able to return to Eton in 2015, now with four children (and the same dog).


Of course we were both delighted to be returning to the College and to be taking on an exciting and challenging role, but we were also excited to be returning to the Eton community - and we have returned to a community that seems as vibrant as ever. New shops, restaurants and businesses have enhanced the High Street and there seems to be a spirit of togetherness and optimism in the town, which is wonderful to be a part of. Eton remains as friendly as we remember it, or perhaps it has got even friendlier.


All of us at the College really value the positive and supportive relationship that we have with the Town. We understand that 1300 teenage boys can sometimes have their moments (believe me – they can!) and we are very mindful of our responsibilities to be good neighbours. There is no doubt that the College thrives partly because of the strength of the community that it sits within and we want to continue to play our part to really contribute to that community.


It is very good to be back! 

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