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The Armed Forces Covenant

Businesses: Sign the Armed Forces Covenant to pledge your mutual support for those who serve


Our Mayor is encouraging businesses and other organisations to sign the Armed Forces Covenant to pledge their mutual support for the armed forces community. 


Councillor Neil Knowles, himself an Army veteran and the borough’s official Armed Forces Champion, is encouraging more organisations to get in touch to see how they could play their part and sign up.


The Armed Forces Covenant, a national scheme, is a pledge to acknowledge and understand that those who serve or have served in the armed forces, and their families, should be treated with fairness and respect in the community, economy and society. We're a long-standing signatory, providing support and guidance in a number of areas, such as housing, benefits provision and employment.

There's no cost to organisations to sign the Covenant. For more information, see our press release. Interested organisations can contact Councillor Knowles personally via or via


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