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Raising money for Eton Christmas

November 17th sees our wonderful tradition of presenting our annual Christmas Lights Switch-On Ceremony, which, as you know from years gone by, starts in College Chapel followed by a children’s procession, led by Santa Clause and his Reindeer to Jubilee Square for the official ceremony. This popular event attracts 1,000’s of visitors to ETON, and we constantly strive to make improvements to the event, and our town for the Christmas season.

This letter is, once again, aiming to entice your support as we need to raise up to £6,000 each year to pay for the Christmas trees, Lights, Street Decorations and cover other costs involved in staging the Christmas events and we are always struggling to raise funds.

Our Summer Union Flags, the traditional Christmas event and displays attract thousands of visitors each year and we are asking all businesses to contribute either: £50 / £100 / £150. Residents can contribute too!

Click here or on the picture for the Application form

Thank you as we can’t do it without you!


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