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Protect your Garages & Sheds

There are several ways of protecting garage doors. There are mechanisms installed in the roof opening bars, but more effectively - because they are such a visible deterrent are ‘Garage Defenders’ These are sunk into and cemented into the ground in front of garage doors - they are usually bright red solid T bars - which prevent the door from being opened. There is a simple locking mechanism, for their release.

They are available from most large online retailers and with a bag of ‘postcrete, fast drying cement, can generally be fitted by anyone, handy with tools.

Also - we recommend ‘Shed Alarms’ for garages as well as sheds. Again easily available, from online retailers. These are inexpensive, need no fitting, as they are battery operated and can be placed on a shelf. They are fobbed on and off, as you go in or out, sound at 110 decibels and have a heat and movement sensor. They are brilliant. 110 decibels in a confined shed / garage, is really loud in the early hours and will make anyone immediately make off !


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