Join the South Meadow Strollers!

South Meadow Strollers will meet every Tuesday at 10 am, weather permitting, on South Meadow to walk and Dribble two footballs up and down the football pitch immediately behind St John the Evangelist in Eton.

The aim is to have fun, make friends, get some fresh air and get some exercise at the same time. There will be two fifteen-minute halves with a five-minute interval for rest and water. After the Strolling session there will be the opportunity to go to a nearby café for coffee and chat. A good opportunity to meet new people!

Why not come along to one of the two coffee mornings on 18th or 25th January at 10 am to learn more. The first Strolling session will be on February 1st.

Please email for venue, and click on the picture for more information