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Clothes & Textile recycling

The way the borough’s clothes and textiles collection service works has been changed to ensure even more bags of textiles are collected for recycling.

Since November 2016, residents have been able to leave unwanted clothes and textiles out for collection alongside their other recycling, food waste and general rubbish.

The way the bags of textiles are collected has been improved. Now when residents leave out a bag of textiles for collection a pink bag will be tied onto their recycling to use on the next occasion.

The introduction of the pink bags will mean the textiles are more visible for the recycling crews who are now collecting them in new custom made cages fitted to the recycling trucks.

However, residents can still use any plastic bag labelled with ‘textiles’ for their clean, dry clothes and textiles and placed next to their recycling bin on collection day.

Cllr Carwyn Cox, cabinet member for environmental services, said: “We have worked hard over the last few months to develop this collection service. We hope these improvements will lead to even more clothing and textiles being recycled rather than being put in the general rubbish bins.

“We are always working towards being able to offer a more environmentally-friendly council and looking at ways we can improve the recycling and rubbish collection service.

All old clothes and textiles will be either reused or shredded and made into new products such as filling for mattresses, furniture and cars.”

Clean, dry and worn out items, such as clothing, socks, shoes (paired), belts, knitwear, curtains, bedding, blankets, towels and any unwanted handbags can all be recycled.

Residents can still give their unwanted clothes in a good condition to their preferred charity but if they put them out for recycling, they will be either recycled or reused.

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