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Thank you for contributing to our recent survey which was a huge success and provided the committee with a clear set of priorities for ECA to tackle on behalf of the Town. We selected the TOP 5 issues raised and you may not be surprised to learn the most important one is:

Poor Communications – (Broadband / Wi-Fi / Internet)

  • Intermittent, or no mobile signal and blind spots

  • Irregular and low Broadband speed with no access to Fibre


We now need your support as the service providers (BT, Virgin, O2, Vodaphone etc..) will only take notice if we approach them collectively as a community, demanding the provision of an acceptable and reliable level of service through the Town.

We need to gather information to recognise the strong and weak spots for mobile and internet connectivity and therefore ask you to provide information about your supplier and existing level of service. We need to know whether your reception is good or bad.

Please enter the information about Suppliers and reception for One (or Two) Mobile handsets, and also for your Broadband service.

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