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Help & Support in Eton during the Corona Virus

Working with ETC, we’re now going to amend the Coronavirus support which was running during the peak of the pandemic.


The response of volunteers to help Eton folk during the pandemic has been fantastic in recent months. However, the demand for home deliveries has dwindled in recent weeks and, as July comes and a significant number of people will be vacating Eton, we think it is time to put the area delivery system on to standby for the time being.

Please see the letter below. For the small number who are still using the service, as you know from our emails to you, we are establishing a way to continue to support you. 

As we hope everyone knows, you can email if you think we can help or phone 07586 997367 if you have no access to email. 

The details of the previous services with its useful information is still available here on the ECA Website.

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