Waste collections change on 18 October

The new system has started. Remember, food and recycling collections remain weekly; RBWM’s aim is to increase recycling rates from 50% to at least 65%.

RBWM are putting lots of information on their website to help people reduce and re-use waste and find places that can recycle items. For example, many large supermarkets have started collecting soft plastics, like bread bags, pet food sachets and fruit or vegetable packaging.

For those with blue and black refuse bins:

  • Recycling and food waste will be collected weekly

  • Rubbish (non-recyclable, residual waste) will be collected fortnightly

  • Communal waste collections and streets where the majority of properties receive sack collections – remain weekly

  • For those with black sacks, weekly collections continue.

You can check your next collection day online.

Any missed bins should be reported using the Report It tool online

If you are not sure what to include in your blue recycling bin, take a look at our recycling guide.