RBWM Statement re Crown Farm

Here is a statement from Councillor Samantha Rayner regarding the latest work that has been performed at Crown Farm (copied from her Facebook post on 1st September on the Eton Wick Village Facebook page):-

Thank you to everyone that contacted me over the bank holiday - I’ve answered everyone I hope.

This morning I spoke to the planning enforcement team at RBWM and they’ve given me this statement to post here:

‘The Planning Enforcement Team have spoken to the land owner this morning. He has confirmed that he has erected a fence along Eton Wick Road and he has imported soil to the front field in an attempt to level the land. The evidence we have seen, accords with this description.

The owner has been advised that the work over the weekend, is beyond what was confirmed at a site meeting last week. He has been told to stop importing material and we have agreed to contact his agent to discuss this further.

In respect of the newly erected fence, this will have to be removed, as it is positioned where the replacement hedgerow will need to be replanted. The arboricultural officer has agreed to provide specifications for the required replanting of the hedgerow so that we can formally request this work in writing. The arboricultural officer has further advised that the replanting will need to take place in December, to accord with the planting season. We will also be working with the tree team to establish if the erection of the fence has negatively affected the protected trees on site.

The enforcement team will be writing to the owners agent this week to provide the specifications for the replanting of the hedgerow and the protected Oak tree.

The team are aware of the concern of local residents which is why the team is committed to monitoring the site. We are aware that the land is being cleared of vegetation and rubbish, please note that this work does not require planning consent. Please be assured that we will take robust enforcement action in the future, if it is deemed proportionate and expedient’.

As always as your councillor please contact me.

Kind regards,



From RBWM on 23rd June

The planning Enforcement Team are in contact with the planning agent representing the owner of the site. The owner has confirmed that he wishes to work with the Council and has made contact with the team. The Council have written to the agent asking him to set out his clients intentions. Once known, we can inform residents and consider the Council’s position. We are also pursuing the unauthorised removal of the hedgerow and a replacement hedgerow notice.