More Statements re Crown Farm

From RBWM on 23rd June

The planning Enforcement Team are in contact with the planning agent representing the owner of the site. The owner has confirmed that he wishes to work with the Council and has made contact with the team. The Council have written to the agent asking him to set out his clients intentions. Once known, we can inform residents and consider the Council’s position. We are also pursuing the unauthorised removal of the hedgerow and a replacement hedgerow notice.

From Samantha Rayner Cllr for Eton and Castle, Deputy Leader of The Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead
Friday 19th June

Here's an update on Crown Farm which The Royal Borough has asked me to circulate to you:

A Temporary Stop Notice is just being finalised and printed for issue and service today. Service will be effected on site and via post. Site Notices will also be erected.

Thames Valley Police will be assisting with service and the Planning Enforcement Team will provide confirmation once the notice has been issued.

TVP have asked that we get this message out to Residents; Cllr Rayner and Town Council have been effective in keeping residents updated. The Temporary Stop Notice requires the importation of materials to stop and all other development of the land, for a period of 28 days.

The Planning Enforcement will do a further update on Monday with details about the proposed Inunction application, following discussions with our legal colleagues. The Injunction will give longer term protection until all planning matters are addressed via due process.

On behalf of Cllr Bowden, Cllr Shelim and I please do contact us if we can help as always we are here as your local Councillors.

Samantha Rayner, Cllr for Eton and Castle, Deputy Leader of The Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead

CROWN FARM - Statement issued on behalf of Eton Town Council - We are aware that there is considerable interest in what is going on at Crown Farm. You will all have seen the devastation caused just before the weekend of 23rd and 24th May and will know that RBWM stepped in with Thames Valley Police to stop the work at the point where it was discovered that the person responsible for the work was not actually the owner of the site.

The site is actually due to come up for Auction on 17th June where it seems extremely likely that one of the bidders will be the person responsible for what has happened so far. Strong and repeated efforts have been made to encourage the purchase of the site by Eton College, RBWM and others with no success as yet.

There are likely to be other bidders of course once the details of the Auction are finally published, but in the event that nobody else comes forward it would appear likely that the site could be purchased by the aforementioned and can only speculate on what happens next in that event.

At Eton Town Council on Thursday evening (4th June) the following motion was passed unanimously:

…that Eton Town Council deplores the damage done at Crown Farm and supports any action that RBWM takes to protect the land and as far as possible to restore it to a natural state, recognising that RBWM is the responsible body for all planning and legal issues associated with the site.

This reflects the fact RBWM is the Planning and Legal Authority and that Eton Town Council has no Planning or Legal authority, and so any reports or queries about such matters must be made directly to the appropriate person or persons in the list below.

1 Planning and Legal enforcement - Victoria Goldberg MRTPI, Development Management Manager- Enforcement and Conservation, Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead, Town Hall, Maidenhead, SL6 1RF, 01628 683551

2 Thames Valley Police – ring 101

3 Ward Councillors –

Cllr Rayner - email

Cllr Bowden - email

Cllr Shelim – email

Should you be interested in bidding for the site the Auction details can be obtained at Romans via their website

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