Thefts of Catalytic Converters


A note from the Police

We are having a spate of Catalytic Converters stolen from underneath cars – particularly Honda Jazz’ and Toyota Pius’, but other makes and models are also targeted.

We are working on various property marking initiatives.

  1. Supplying details of marking kits to local garages and MOT centres and asking if they can purchase these and offer to attach them, while they are carrying out a service / MOT on one of the above vehicles.. They are an inexpensive metal traceable marking sticker, which attaches to the exhaust, It would be an additional service, they could offer their customers.

  2. You can also go online and search from ‘Catalytic Converter Marking Kits’ There are several major online retail outlets, which sell the kits – which you could ask the garage to fit during a service / MOT and the car is jacked up

  3. The online retailers also sell warning stickers to place in the windows of your car, saying the converter is marked and traceable and these are very reasonably priced and – you can fit them yourself.