The Christmas Lights Switch on - November 18th

The annual Christmas light switch-on event will take place on November 18th. It's a wonderful evening, the Eton High Street is alive with food stalls, fun-fair rides and a Christmas procession after the lights are switched on.

Preceeding that is the Carol service in Eton College chapel (admission by ticket only). Please note that this year everyone entering the Chapel will have to provide evidence of a negative lateral flow test.

Tickets are available from the Eton Information Centre, Premier stores and Eton Stationers.

Some residents have asked how we fund our High Street flags, Christmas decorations and so on.

Most Eton businesses contribute annually. We would be delighted if Residents wish to do so too, allowing our volunteers to concentrate on our activities!

Click here to see how you can donate and a huge thank you if you do so.

If you’d like a receipt please email