Thames Valley Police update

May 2020 – TVP Updates

Monthly Figures – Eton/Eton Wick

The figures obviously reflect the lock down period but considering that some of the restrictions have been eased these are very good figures especially the Theft From Motor Vehicle (TFMV) which out of all of them is still the easiest to commit.

Shop Lifting – 0

Theft From Motor Vehicle – 1

Residential Burglary – 1 (Eton Wick)

Theft of Pedal Cycle – 0

Crown Farm

A tasking has been created for ICR (Shift Officers) to complete some passing patrols at the location and I have put it on my patrol plan for the Windsor Central Team to conduct visible reassurance patrols within the area.

An Officer has been appointed to investigated and criminal offences at Crown Farm and plans to visit the occupants/business unit occupants to establish if there has been any intimidation directed towards them with a view to securing the sale of plots. One male was arrested a week ago and the digger he was operating has been seized that male was given Police Bail with conditions not to return to Crown Farm.

It is hoped that the collaborative work will enable intelligence development around key nominals and lead to improved engagement with occupants/a willingness to report incidents or intelligence.

It is hoped the landowners/administrators will carry out target hardening at the location to prevent further incursion. Planning enforcement work will be key but RBWM have also commissioned a wildlife survey so that other powers might be considered. I know from my communications that the liquidators are (if they haven’t already going to erect fencing around the site).

Please feed in any further incidents/intelligence via 101 just in case I am not around at the time to deal, the whole LPA is aware of the issues there so I know it will get picked up.

Town Centres

As you have probably see in the media none essential shops are likely to open again mid-June. It is important that the shops all have their COVID plans in place and consider the risk for an increase in shoplifters. Offenders have been starved of this easy way of making money to feed habits and my fear is that we will see a real spike in this area of crime. Shop owners should think about their own security measures and product placement (no high value items where they can be easily be appropriated). We will be working with Paul Roach the Town Centre Manager to feed into this area of business.


RBWM have done a phenomenal job of housing nearly all of our homeless population and the plan going forward is to try and keep them accommodated. The government have announced a multimillion pound bid to end rough sleeping for good. Personally I think this is a little ambitious but any extra funding and assistance with what is a particular problem to Windsor and Eton is going to be very much appreciated. The Government claims that in just under two months 90 per cent of all homeless people known to local councils have been housed.

I have also gone to great lengths to submit paperwork to CPS in order to seek CBO’s (Community Behaviour Orders – much like the old ASBO’s) for those that still fail to comply. The paperwork for a particular regular to Eton has been submitted and are now just awaiting a court date which is likely to be July given the huge backlog the courts are now going to have to clear. All really positive steps in the right direction though.

Windsor and Eton Central Team

We still only have me and three PCSO’s (David, Melita and Lizzy) as Peter and James are still working from home shielding however they are contributing now I have managed to source them work laptops which has been a huge help. The three amigos are still doing a brilliant job supporting me and the communities we serve so if you do see them please continue to give them a pat on the back.