Sanitiser Bottling!

You may remember the wonderful recent story about Windsor & Eton Brewery who have converted a production line to bottle WHO grade hand sanitizer, much of which is being donated to key workers.

Now Raymond, a solicitor here in Eton is sourcing (at his own expense) various more portable containers for WEBrew to use.What a fantastic collaboration!

Bob from the Brewery says:

"The offer to source small pump bottles is wonderful. Until now I could only supply sanitiser in 20cl glass bourbon bottles or 1 litre PET bottles. The new bottle samples are smaller, lighter and less wasteful - therefore front line staff will be able to keep them on their person.

The hardest thing to gauge is the level of demand. In Mid April I thought things were easing but then in 48 hours I supplied police, midwives, nurses and home visitors and am bottling 175 more litres - enough to make 3500 5cl bottles. We have a meeting with a national charity of motor bikers who ferry blood, milk and covid-19 samples between NHS units at night. It’s incredible how many of these unsung and unseen charity groups are out there keeping things working."

"But focussing on the 175 bulk litres still to be bottled - that would make 175 1 litre bottles, or 875 20cl bottles or 3,500 5cl bottles. People are grateful to receive sanitiser in any container, so I can match to your supply.

Members of the public can buy sanitiser on a ’buy-one-donate-one’ basis and I think 5cl pump bottles would also be very popular."