RBWM message to BAME communities

BAME Communities

Our BAME communities, like those nationally, also sadly continue to be over-represented in transmission rates. Both Public Health Berkshire and the BBC have produced a range of videos in different languages, covering a range of Covid-19 topics, to try and reach and engage with these communities.

The links below are to videos in South Asian languages:

Also, if you’re multi-lingual, and keen to help us in a more targeted way, contact us at the volunteer email below.

Remember, you’re more than welcome to repost any of our COVID-19 social media posts from our council Facebook and Twitter accounts. For technical reasons, we cannot embed their direct links in this email, but you can find them all here:

· Twitter - @RBWM

· Facebook - RBWM

If you do share any of our messaging, it would be helpful if you fill in our form so we can track how far this information travels.

If you know anyone who’d like to join our Community Information Champions gang, please ask them to email their details to: volunteer@rbwm.gov.uk. This weekend, by the way, we’re posting on our social media a little thank you video, from us to you.

Again, thank you for your help. And stay safe out there!