New Covid Rules & Police powers

On Monday (14/9), new measures came into place to help suppress the spread of coronavirus. These new measures mean that people in England can only meet in groups of no more than six, indoors and outdoors.

Those that choose to congregate in larger groups will be dispersed and could be fined or even arrested. Thames Valley Police officers will continue to work with our communities and will follow our approach to engage with, explain and encourage people to follow the new regulations.

Assistant Chief Constable Christian Bunt said:

“Preventing the spread of coronavirus is a shared effort and we at Thames Valley Police will play our part. The new rules coming into place on Monday are very clear and we hope that all members of the public follow them. Our officers will be in the community engaging, explaining and encouraging people to follow the regulations. We will disperse groups of more than six people and will issue fines to those who refuse to comply. However, there are a range of enforcement options at our disposal, and this does not always involve fines being issued. Members of the public can expect to see officers out on patrol but we ask that everyone takes personal responsibility so police involvement is a last resort.”

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