Items for Eton in RBWM Budget

The Royal Borough of Windsor & Maidenhead’s proposed budget for 2021/22 has been published and is now ready for public consultation. You can read more about this and how to engage in the public consultation here

Thanks to our lead Ward Cllr, Samantha Rayner, we understand that these items for Eton are either itemised specifically within the draft 2021/2022 budget which is going out for consultation or exist within a draft budget “pot”. In the context of the imbalance between income and outgoings, RBWM have needed to reduced their spend:

  • Electrical junction box update – the 1960’s cast iron boxes and more will be replaced

  • Electric Car Charging – there is an expectation that a private company will be pushed by RBWM to make this happen – Eton was supposed to be part of a trial 3 years ago, in the same way as Park Street in Windsor. We know you are desperate for points

  • Support for businesses

  • Speed bumps – this has been an aspiration for some time and has been pushed back in time before and probably will again

  • Tap and Donate, to enable giving money to homeless, mental health and substance abuse charities, is started on Monday 21st December. The trial that we (Eton) developed with Paul Roach for Windsor & Eton was taken over by the new housing team 18 months ago. It has taken time and is significantly reduced in terms of donation points and access…but it has started.

  • Continuing support for the Cockpit, to the extent that can be pursued whilst the owner’s various court proceedings (mostly unrelated to Eton) are in play

  • WIFI/ broadband – this doesn’t feature, which is a continued sore but was a miss at the start of the RBWM programme some 5 years ago

  • Meadow Lane Car park pedestrian exit onto Meadow Lane/ Eton Court pavement opposite Eton Court Car Park – this will wait until 2022/3