Eton College online Reach-out scheme

Dear Friends in Slough, Windsor, Eton and Eton Wick,

This September, our students will once again be looking for ways to be as helpful as possible in the local area.

If there are any ways that they can be useful to you online, please let me know. Some options include: literacy or numeracy help; tuition in GCSE subjects; assistance with A-level subjects; coaching in chess, debating and other activities; playing or composing music; administrative help; proofreading; translation; website design; magazine design; IT solutions; social media promotion; and any other task which could be performed by an intelligent and biddable student working under the guidance of their teachers – this is a time when we are all having to be imaginative about making things work, so I will definitely consider all suggestions, big or small!

Regarding help in-person, the options seem more limited, though do please let me know if there is anything students can help with while socially distancing.

Thank you for considering this. We are always very grateful to hear of ways of working together.

Best wishes,


Mr Haroon Shirwani

Head of Community Engagement

Eton College