Enter the Ambulance Service Competitions!

A message from the South Central Ambulance Service (SCAS)

"During these challenging times, South Central Ambulance Service would like to offer our support by sharing resources your communities may find useful. We have also launched two competitions for children and young people, further details can be found below:"

South Central Ambulance Service website: https://www.scas.nhs.uk/

SCAS Kids website: https://scaskids.co.uk/

SCAS Youth website: http://scasyouth.co.uk/

1. SCAS Kids Competition

Children have sent in some amazing colourings and drawings in to us over the past few weeks:

999 Ted would love to see them bought to life in 3D! Children can use anything that they can find at home like cereal boxes or cardboard boxes, milk cartons, loo rolls and more to make their own ambulance. There is a template available on the SCAS Kids website to help them get started or they can make their own ambulance however they want to!

Winners will receive a special visit to their school from 999 Ted with an ambulance and paramedic to teach children about first aid and how to save lives next term if government guidelines allow us to do so.

999 Ted will select one winner from each county that is covered by South Central Ambulance Service. The competition is open to children 13 years and under. We don’t need the item to be sent in as they might want to keep it in the classroom or at home but they can send in a photo to getinvolved@scas.nhs.uk before the 21st July 2020

2. SCAS Youth Competition

South Central Ambulance Service would like to thank you all so much for your ongoing support through these challenging times. Now we are asking you to show your support to each other. If you could send a message of support to anyone other young person right now what would you say? We’re looking for you to use your creative skills to spread encouragement to young people in your area. You can either do this by drawing, painting or even write a poem - the choice is yours! Your entry could be added to our SCAS Youth website as well as winning you and your school a visit from us in the future.

To enter send in a photo of your work to getinvolved@scas.nhs.uk by 28th July 2020