Covid19 - Delivery support on Standby

The Delivery system put in place to support those in need during the coronavirus lockdown has now been put into standby mode. We hope that a second infection wave does not impact Eton. However, be reassured we will always do whatever is needed to support the community if so.


The local support initiative is in place and will soon be fully up and running. It will provide support to people who are isolated in their homes.

Eton has been divided into 15 areas and a team of volunteers will provide support services in each of the areas. We have a dedicated page on the ECA website explaining the full system

The services the volunteers perform (to isolated residents only) include:

  • delivery of food/provisions from Eton stores;

  • delivery of medicines etc from the pharmacy;

  • the ability to take post from homes to the post box.

All of the Eton stores concerned: Budgens, Tastes, Premier Stores and Eton Pharmacy are taking part and all will be able to take orders and card payments over the phone. (People will need to recognise that there may be a variable delay between order and delivery and some items may be unavailable). If you want further information keep looking at the ECA website, as we will post information and copies of any letters and tips as we receive them, or email