Beware - Crime & Coronavirus SCAMS

Here is some recent advice from Windsor Police about the MANY coronavirus scams that are now circulating.

Click here to read more about how to be on your guard and prevent yourself becoming a victim. Businesses also have to be wary while their premises are unoccupied or vulnerable. Read more here..

PLEASE take care - now that we are spending so much time online and at home, it is easy to become the target of criminal Scams.

Depressingly, there are almost too many to describe, so here is a very brief list of some of them. Do you own research, don't trust everything you see or here and be on your guard for fraudsters.

All of the following are SCAMS - don't be fooled!

  • If you are offered private COVID 19 tests in person or by phone

  • Email asking you to donate to 'The 'Covid-19 Solidarity Response Fund'

  • Text msg from .Gov.UK telling you to click in order to pay £200 fine for leaving your house

  • Online shopping scams offering fake goods (such as sanitiser), or goods which don't arrive

  • Spurious offers of financal support supposedly from the HMRC / Government

  • Fake online medicines or supplies

  • Appeals for money from Fake charities