Household Cavalry Moves out - 18th May

Windsor will play host to The Household Cavalry’s Freedom of Entry March on Saturday 18 May as a ‘goodbye’ before their relocation to Salisbury Plain later this year.

Residents are invited to view the parade which will comprise of up to 250 troops, 8 mounted troops and the Band of the Blues and Royals, as they march from Combermere Barracks at 14:30, along the Long Walk, Park Street, St Albans Street, Castle Hill, High Street, Sheet Street and Kings Road with the regiment pausing at the Guildhall where a salute will be taken.

“The Regiment’s long association with the town of Windsor will not be forgotten, but we will give a warm welcome to the Welsh Guards, who will occupy the barracks moving forward.

A spectacle like this is so unique to Windsor and really captures the spirit of the town. I am very excited for the Freedom of Entry March, and want to thank businesses and residents in advance for the short-term disruptions that they will face, although we are doing all we can to minimise these.

If you’re coming along on the 18 May, please plan ahead and be sure to check the traffic and parking suspensions.”

The Household Cavalry have been based at Combermere Barracks for over 200 years, but are moving home as part of a major restructure and modernisation of the British Army.

Work is underway to ensure that the Freedom of Entry Parade is not only a memorable experience for the Household Cavalry and visitors, but that is also runs smoothly. As such, a number of measures are being put in place, including:

  • Road closures – Roads forming the parade route within the immediate town centre will be closed to all traffic from 2:30pm on Saturday 18 May. No traffic will be allowed on the closed roads including private vehicles, delivery vehicles, buses and taxis. Emergency vehicles will be allowed access. The roads will reopen at approximately 4pm when considered safe to do so. Residents should check signage nearer to the time for up-to-date information or refer to the Royal Borough’s website.

  • Parking – There will be a number of parking suspensions on the roads forming the parade route between 12pm and 4:30pm on Saturday 18 May. It is essential that all vehicles are removed when the parking suspensions are in force and endeavours will be made to contact the owners of any vehicles that have not been removed after the deadline, before they are removed. Residents and businesses with Zone E and J parking permits who are affected by these suspensions are able to park in in any on street parking space within those zones that are not affected by the suspensions, or in Victoria Street car park.

  • Crowd control barriers – These barriers will be erected early on Saturday morning along sections of Park Street, Castle Street, High Street and Sheet Street to enable people to view the Freedom Parade safely. Subsequently, access to a number of properties may be restricted on the afternoon, and although the footpaths will remain open, the large number of visitors will likely make moving along these routes difficult. Royal Borough Ambassadors will be on the streets during the event to help with congestion and to ensure the safety of those watching the parade.