Latest Footfall Data

You may know that we have automatic footfall detectors in two places in Eton, to capture information about how many people pass by/

One is on the Eton Bridge, and the other (called 'Eton Citix') is in the High Street near Budgens.

We have data for the year 2019 up to April 30th (including Easter) and it shows the following:-

  • We have seen a total of 1,052,783 with the combined traffic from Eton Citix and the Footbridge.

  • The busiest days were Easter weekend with Saturday the 20 April bringing in almost 15.5k of traffic via the footbridge alone, with Easter Sunday not far behind with just over 14k

  • The monthly average via Citix: 77,052

  • The monthly average via the footbridge: 205,823

This compares with the same period in 2018, which showed:-

  • 1,034,996 combined traffic from Eton Citix and the Footbridge.

  • Monthly average via Citix: 75,081

  • Monthly average via Footbridge: 187,441

  • Easter last year: Saturday 31st March 9,831 via the footbridge and Easter Sunday 10,34

You can read the full reports HERE for 2019 and HERE for 2018