Beware - Courier fraud

ANOTHER COURIER FRAUD: The aggrieved, who lives in Windsor, received a phone call on the 15th March, from someone purporting to be a police officer. The PC explained that someone had used his bank card, to remove £300 from an ATM machine and spent £449 in a shop. Shortly afterwards he was called by someone who said he was a sergeant from the Fraud Department. The Sgt explained that as there had been fraud on his bank account, he should place all his funds into a safeguarding account. To ensure his money was safe. He could either transfer £20,000 into the safe account, or withdraw £14,000 in cash and the other £6,000 in foreign currency. The aggrieved chose the latter and withdrew the foreign currency from a supermarket. He was asked for all notes to be placed into a paper envelope and not to touch it. A man purporting to be a police cadet came and collected it. He and a member of the fraud department arranged to come back next week, when he had the rest of the cash. The aggrieved now believes something was odd and realised it was a scam and reported it to us. He was alarmed that he had given the scammer all his personal details, so they knew where he lived. Police PCSOs have visited him to day, to ensure he is OK. The advice given: Call Blocking Most service providers offer some form of call blocking service which would mean that it may be possible to block the number that is calling. If victim contacts their service provider direct they should be able to advise the victim. Telephone Preference Service Although I appreciate this instance has been identified as a scam call I would recommend victim registering with the Telephone Preference Service which is a central opt out register where you can record your preference not to receive unsolicited sales or marketing calls. CIFAS – Protective Registration Sadly it is not uncommon for victim’s details to be added to what is known as a “Victims List” which gets sold onto other scammers. For a fee of £20 for 2 years “Protective Registration” will assist in protecting against identity fraud and from fraudsters using personal details to apply for products and services. Credit Reports It is recommended that the victim keeps a check on their credit report. The 3 main credit reference agencies in the UK are Experian, Call Credit and Equifax. Further details can be provided on this if required.