Heathrow Expansion

ECA Policy is to oppose further expansion at Heathrow.

The 700 more campaign that is being organised by Stop Heathrow Expansion is orgnising two events for people who want to take part.

They say :-

"The idea is for as many people as possible to be wearing these shirts when they attend the rally outside the High Court on the 11th March.

Attached is the image of the t-shirt that could be yours!

JOIN THE '700 MORE’ GROUP We want as many supporters as possible to pledge to take part in TWO events to raise public awareness. We want 700 people to sign up to the “700 More” group to represent the 700 extra flights that people will suffer every single day if a third runway is ever built.

WE ARE ASKING FOR A LITTLE EFFORT FOR A BIG IMPACT We are only asking you to pledge to attend two events – which will be peaceful public photo opportunities and are likely to be fun too.

T-SHIRTS We’ll have an exclusive “700 more” group T-shirt, which people can borrow or buy – the £5 for the T-shirt is subsided to keep it affordable for all. Surely your quality of life is worth a few hours of your time and a fiver.

SO PLEASE JOIN US RIGHT NOW Email me on: info@stopheathrowexpansion.co.uk or call Neil on : 07850 904677"