Number 15 Bus disruption

There will be upcoming disruption to the no.15 Bus Service whilst essential works are being carried out on Keate’s Lane.

We have been notified that the works will restrict access to Eton Wick from the Keate’s Lane junction. We have been speaking with Courtney Buses and agreed to use a smaller vehicle for the duration of the works following an agreed diversion route along Meadow Lane and South Meadow Lane.

However, the issue we will have is when the carriageway is going to be resurfaced and this will prevent the buses from accessing Eton Wick on the 22nd/23rd February 2019 between the hours of 8am and 15:00.

We will be able to run the 0726 from Eton Wick to Slough as normal, then:

0836 from Eton Wick will start from Eton at 0848

0905 from Slough will go to Eton, then divert via A4 to Taplow Sainsburys and continue to Maidenhead.

0950 from Maidenhead will run to Taplow Sainsburys then via A4 to Eton then continue to Slough

1040 from Slough will terminate at Eton

1106 from Eton Wick will start from Eton at 1118

1135 from Slough as 0905

1220 from Maidenhead as 0950

1310 from Slough as 0905

1355 from Maidenhead as 0950

Normal service to resume from 1540 from Slough.

The diversion via A4 will take approx. 7 minutes extra so there may be some delays, but potential to “catch up” at the layover at Eton.

We wont be able to serve Eton Wick and Dorney between the closure times.