Feeding the swans: bread or no bread?

In recent weeks, you may have seen various reports regarding the feeding of wildfowl, especially swans. The debate on whether to feed swans bread has even reached national television with an interview with Wendy Hermon here on The One Show on the 28th November 2018. What provoked this was a campaign called “Ban The Bread”, launched by a bird-food manufacturer, which advised not feeding the water birds bread.

This information has caused confusion amongst the general public and has been misleading as there is no scientific evidence to suggest that feeding birds bread will affect their health. But because of this, there have been incidents of underweight swans, even leading to fatalities. Swan Support would like to take to opportunity now to give out advice to help those who would like to feed the birds. The following foodstuffs are suitable for feeding:

  • Bread, all types, as long as it is not mouldy.

  • Grains and cereals.

  • Swan food or pellets.

  • Leafy greens (e.g., cabbage, broccoli, lettuce)

  • Wheat.

  • Dried grass.

Feed small amounts at a time, making sure that all food has been eaten before giving more. Always feed on the water, and feed responsibly and follow any guidelines in your area.

You can see the item from the One Show (which is approx 40 minutes into the show) by clicking here (only available until end December).

Thank you for your continued support. Swan Support

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