Warnings from the Police

There have been many more warnings from the Police about the latest spate of Scams and crimes. It;s a very long read, but it is worth your while having a look.. it could save you from being a victim!

The number one deterrent though - is a burglar alarm.

If you don’t have one, or cannot afford one, get a dummy box put up !

We have recently had a few burglaries where entry has been gained via the first floor - which is very unusual. They believe this may be happening, because people are only setting the ground floor zone of their alarm, when leaving properties, rather than setting the whole thing. Can we please remind everyone with an alarm,

  • to set the ground floor when they go to bed - if they have a house - and

  • all zones, if they go out during the day / evening / holidays.

What lights do you leave on, if you are not going to get home and it will be dark after work ?

On a normal night - when the house is fully occupied - go outside and have a look. That is what it must be like, if you are not home. If you have children / grand children at home………that can mean every light in the house. They know how to turn lights on, but have never learnt to turn them off !


This happened in Ascot - but could happen anywhere !

12/11 Monday 12.30 p.m. Supermarket Car Park. The victim of a scam was driving home in her car, when she was flagged down by another motorist, who told her there was a cable hanging down under her car. She parked up and went to investigate. The passenger of the other car was holding a short piece of wire. The driver of that car was hanging around suspiciously. She was asked to look under the car. When she got home, she found her purse had been taken from the handbag on the front seat. The Fraud department from her bank contacted her to say there had been several suspicious activations from her account. Later she found other cards had been used. There have been several in the past involving people saying in car parks, that someone has bumped the victim’s car. BE ON YOUR GUARD.


13/11 Tuesday 5.35 p.m. Queen’s Close. DISTRACTION BURGLARY. The elderly owner answered the door, to a man who said he was from the ‘Water Board’. He explained that needed to be turned off, as ‘nasty brown stuff’ would come out. He came into the house to the kitchen and helped the owner move stuff from under the sink. While he was doing this distracting the owner, it is believed an accomplice came into the house and stole cash from her purse in the living room. Just a reminder - ‘The Water Board’ no longer exists !


12/11 Monday. 2.45 p.m. Walker Road. This has come to us via Trading Standards. The victim agreed to have some roof work done, for which they paid £23,000, but very little work has been carried out. PLEASE - if you see a builders board / van / skip appearing outside the home of an elderly / vulnerable neighbour, just let us know. We will never reveal that you have told us as often these people are fiercely independent. We will arrange for a PCSO ? RBWM Community Warden, to ‘happen’ to walk past and make enquiries.