Eton Christmas

We are lucky to have such a wonderful Christmas event in Eton High Street every year (this year the Christmas Lights switch on is on 15th November), but what are the various items that have to be paid for and how are they funded?

  • People have asked us about the costs of Eton Christmas? Well, there are many costs that we have to incur:

  • The beautiful overhead lights - when we purchased these 3 years ago, that was understandably spread across more than one year, because of the very substantial cost.

  • Mini Christmas trees that go into the flagpole holders - we replaced the lights on these last year to LED and to white (rather than yellow).

  • Electrical connection to the flagpole holders - we have added holders so that the Street decoration (flags in the summer, trees at Christmas) is complete, which then requires additional electrical connections

  • Artwork and printing of tickets, posters etc

And for the switch on evening.....

  • Staging and speaker systems

  • Father Christmas’s helpers, such as the reindeers

And how is the Eton Christmas funded? We have various sources of income:

  • Wonderful benefactors - Eton Town Council, Eton College, Baldwin’s Bridge Trust

  • All of the businesses in Eton - Businesses, Hostelries and Retailers - historically this group were the funders of the entire event.

  • RBWM - who put up, take down, repair and store the lights....but which is likely to fall to us after this year

  • Stall holders - all of whom make a small contribution

  • Chapel ticket sales...where these donations contribute towards our charity contribution.