Online Parking Permits - Changes!

Changes to the Royal Borough’s parking permit scheme will allow residents to buy visitor permits instantly online, while ensuring local parking opportunities are protected.

From October 2018, if proposals are agreed, residents will be able to purchase additional visitor parking permits online giving them the freedom to only buy what they need, while being able to purchase permits instantly should a friend pop-by unexpectedly.

In addition to online purchasing, the proposals also suggest introducing expiry dates on visitor parking permits to prevent unnecessary vouchers being in circulation, and help prevent the system being misused.

Under the proposals all vouchers currently in circulation would expire 31 March 2020 to allow adequate time for residents to use up these vouchers, and all newly issued vouchers would have a 12 month expiry date.

Currently households are entitled to up to two free parking permits depending on the amount of vehicles that can park on their driveway and can apply for 25 free two-hour visitor permits annually, while purchasing up to 50 six-hour visitor permits and 50 all-day permits.

Under the proposed changes, households would retain both their free resident parking permits which would be valid for two years rather than one and the 25 free two-hour visitor parking permits, but the number of additional paid for visitor permits would be capped at 25 six-hours and 25 all-day annually, in order to reduce congestion in popular parking areas, while ensuring the resident parking opportunities are protected.

Cllr Jesse Grey, cabinet member for environmental services (including parking and flooding), said: “We are pleased to announce these much needed changes to the visitor parking system which reflect our continual commitment to delivering reliable and affordable parking to all our residents and their visitors.

“While most use the parking schemes fairly, it is vital we ensure they cannot be abused, and deliver consistent satisfaction across the borough. This change will ensure residents will continue having access to dependable local parking, and prevent the system being misused.”

Cabinet will discuss these changes on Thursday 26 July.

Proposals also suggest a minimum order of 10 printed permits to reduce paper waste.