Latest report to Eton Council

A regular report is given to Eton Town Council with the latest progress on a number of projects in and around Eton.

Here is a precis of the latest report:-

ECA events to come:

June end – Eton Matters Issue 16 arrives

July 1st – ECA Walk from The George (5+ miles)

July 9th – ECA meeting, ETC Offices

July 25th – Jack The Ripper by Dave Bullock at Natural History Museum

September – Our Lady of Sorrows Catholic Church paintings

Sept 8th – 9th – Thames Path Challenge

Sept 10th - ECA meeting, ETC Offices

Eton Action List and Projects

Thanks to Malcolm Alexander and Paul Roach, we are still progressing. Many of these are Neighbourhood Plan (NP) aspirations. Highlights include:

  • the heritage bridge lamps are back on both bridges (NP)

  • the gulley replacement programme has been completed as far as funds will allow;

  • the broken York stones slabs have been replaced/secured as necessary (NP)

  • the resurfacing of the road from roughly the fudge Shop down towards Keate’s Lane junction has been completed

  • most of the lamps have been replaced so that Eton is safer place to be in the dark

  • the first 2 phases of the Eton bike parking work are complete (No 61 and Waterman’s) (NP)

We are not quite finished with all of the work, but a step change has been achieved. We recently discovered that the work on the Windsor side of the bridge, including the larger tree pits, monolith, bike parking and repainted bollards was largely actioned because of the capital bid that we put in. Whilst it was not supported, RBWM recognised that some work was essential to enhance the entrance into Eton.


A community walk and Jack the Ripper talk are two upcoming events

Eton & Eton Wick Information Centre (NP)

Progress on the Information Centre is substantial: Employees will report to RBWM, who will therefore have the contractual relationship (on the terms agreed with Eton) for 67 High Street. This will slow the process somewhat but will have substantial benefits, including the link with the Windsor Information Centre. Fund raising is underway and we request S106 funds please. The Eton & Eton Wick project will advertise features from the Eton Walkway, to cycle ways in Eton Wick, to College museums. In addition, Windsor & other RBWM events can be incorporated and tickets will be sold eg for Windsor Festival. It is expected that there will be some retail ‘taster’ offerings, as was the case with the pop up shop, organised by Ieva Poriete some 3 years ago.

Flagpole review

I am sad to say that this is still on the list. The flagpole holders and flags were all purchased and installed….recognising the listed buildings’ applications were still progressing in 2 cases, but judging installation prior to the wedding, after 18 months since starting (first requested in October 2016), was appropriate. RBWM were informed, but in fairness, with the wedding preparation, this was understandably missed by them. 5 holders are therefore being removed until permission has been granted.

Finding the brook (NP)

This has been the excitement of the month (in addition to the Street party). Having received financial, practical and authorisation support from a wide range of stakeholders with very different needs and expectations, we are jetting the inbound culvert! This is in the listing of Neighbourhood plan projects and has been a local ambition for many for 10 years or more. Those directly involved are Peter Eaton, Derek Bishop, Philip Tilbury, George Fussey, Ros and now Sue Fox (RBWM) and Volker, Grundons and College, with key support from Cllr Alexander (Ward) and Cllr S Rayner (Culture, Heritage etc).

Footfall and website numbers

To compare with the Windsor data “pre-wedding effect”, Eton on Mon 7 May was Eton’s peak day. At Budgens the Daily Average for year is 2,566 people but on 7 May = 4,435 people. On the Bridge Daily Average for year is 6,616 people but the Peak day so far is Sun 6 May = 16,279 people! Peaks were between 2 and 4 pm (compared with Windsor’s 11am). Meanwhile, we have some new software just out to help us with analysing the footfall.

The Windsor data was: According to the council’s weekly footfall reports a total of 201,826 people passed through Windsor town centre in the week beginning Monday 7 May, a 36.9 percent increase on the same week last year when 147,433 people were in town. The figures also reveal Monday 7 May was the busiest day in town last week with 30,954 visitors and the busiest time on the day was at 11am.

High Street premises, retailers

Eton College’s two remaining premises are now earmarked; the former Eton Wine Shop (67) – see Information Centre separate agenda item and Coutts, which unfortunately is not now available for the Workary. However, 31 may be a suitable location and this is under discussion. Nimia Coffee shop (58a), BBT (138), 100 (formerly Wolf & Leo, and Barkers) and 7 (formerly Foxy Cakes) are all now open or about to open. The former Age Concern, Jessica Knowles (Turner & Tom) and Lily Chic are all retail premises in Private ownership, with rental not a priority for the owners, unfortunately. Contemporary Fine Art are departing Eton, as expected, with a first possible replacement tenant showing interest.


Following on from establishing the facts below, George Fussey has engaged with Feliciano Crimele regarding this data set.

Ward Boundaries/Borough Local Plan consultation/Borough issues and opportunities

We are optimistic that the proposals (Eton & Eton Wick & Windsor) will be endorsed. Well done to our RBWM Councillors for lobbying for a great solution. Further individuals’ submissions of support were submitted by Eton residents.

CCTV/ANPR - Police/Security

Tks to Philip Highy and Emma Pendry the ANPR project is happening! CCTV cameras may be an effective addition, potentially privately paid for. It makes sense to sequence this after ML’s work on data speeds/availability.

Other – Between ECA individuals, Bob Austen (the Town Clerk), Malcolm Alexander and others we are progressing:

  • The Cockpitt work is on plan. The planning change regarding the retail space is understood and accepted by the majority of those who have mentioned it.

  • Meadow Lane car park signage, business parking and payment methods all create opportunities for improvement – this is still the subject of discussion.

  • High Street sign compliance continues to be worked (including A frames and blackboards). RBWM are addressing this issue across the Borough as Windsor also has issues in certain locations.