Burglaries - be alert

An Eton resident who lives at the North end of the High Street was burgled on Saturday 26th May. A laptop and iPhone were taken. It happened while the resident was out between 10 and 11:30 AM. The burglar came in round the back through the bathroom window.

It's mainly common sense, but Emma Pendry from Thames Valley Police has given us the following advice:-

1) Make sure you keep doors and windows locked, even if you are only in the garden 2) Keep all valuables out of sight 3) Keep house and car keys out of reach and sight of doors and window 4) Lock away ladders, garden tools and other items that burglars could use to gain entry to your home. 5) Mark your valuables using a UV pen or forensic marking kit - visit securedbydesign.com for further info on property marking. 6) Complete the online security assessment by clicking here