Save Our Churchyard - Meeting on 15th March

Are you aware of the situation concerning the graveyard in Eton Wick?

A planning application, No. 18/00057, has been submitted to RBWM, to add a 25m by 30m extension to the graveyard. If this application is refused the Churchyard will be full by 2020 and there will be no new space for further burials or ash interments.

There is an EWVA meeting in Eton Wick to discuss this issue on 15th March , where we will be speaking and doing handouts.

We urge all interested villagers to formally support the application, which can be done by letter, RBWM website, RBWM email or contacting your parish or RBWM councillor, further details at the library, or on bookmarks available throughout the village. Please give your name, address and postcode with all communications and quote the application number.

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