Taking Council

The past few months have been very busy ones here at the Council Offices. Together with Ros Rivaz and Peter Eaton we have created an Eton Greenery project which brings together all the green spaces in the town under one single maintenance agreement, where previously it had been managed by several organisations or none at all! This new arrangement started in June and our new contractor is making regular monthly visits across the town and the impact has been extremely encouraging. Feedback from residents has been highly complimentary and I would like to thank Ros and Peter for their valuable input into the scheme.

The Council has spent significant sums this year on maintaining the play equipment on South Meadow Lane Recreation Ground. There is a regular quarterly inspection of the equipment by a professional company and periodically work becomes necessary to ensure standards of safety are met. We hope that children of Eton enjoy this facility on their doorsteps.

Working closely with Eton Community Association on a variety of projects and issues has been a good experience and Eton residents can consider themselves fortunate to have such a dynamic organisation working on their behalf.