Kids’ Play – Eton Rec.

I go to the rec. with my Gran. Sometimes my little sister comes too. It is best when she is asleep in her buggy because I have things to do. The big hill with the slide on it is really a castle and I have to defend it. That is important as the enemy army sometimes come there. Down at the bottom there is the moat and the river. Well, it is actually all covered with bark, but I am sure it is a moat, which helps me to defend the castle.

When the enemy army are nowhere to be seen, I can go fishing in the moat. I catch lots of different sorts of fish. I catch them and put them all on the big log with the flat top, as that is where Gran and I cook the fish and then have them for our lunch. Near the castle there are some bushes. We add pretend berries for our lunch. There are all sorts of different berries, like blackberries and raspberries.

After all of the hard work, defending the castle and finding our lunch, we play on the zip wire. It goes a bit fast for me, especially when it hits the stop at the end and bounces back. I like it if my Gran goes on it with me on

her lap. Sometimes I go on it by myself and Gran holds me. She has to run fast which makes me laugh!

I really like it when I meet other people at the rec. Why don’t you come there to play?