In His Presence

We’ve been looking at some of the parable stories Jesus told about wealth over the last few weeks in our Sunday services, and last week it was the parable of the Rich Man and Lazarus. It reminded me of something I had heard about a church with a rather smart entrance. Over the massive, carved front doors these words were inscribed: “The Gates of Heaven”. Below that was a small cardboard sign which read: “Please use other entrance.”

There is often a fear among people that they’re not quite good enough to go tochurch, or to walk through any sort of entrance that might lead somewhere special. Well the parable about poor down-and-out Lazarus should quash any fears. Our welcome into God’s dimension has nothing to do with outward possessions or status and everything to do with our recognition of our own need. We are trying to create more opportunities for everyone to step inside St John’s Church in the High Street. It will be open now every Wednesday morning from 8.00 for an hour and a half, come in for a coffee, followed by the usual Holy Communion on 1st and 3rd Sundays of the month from 10 to 10.30. There is also an opportunity to come and sing on Sunday evenings once a month. Watch out for our Advent Carol Service on 27th November. All are welcome to step through the door!