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Working in a library permits us the pleasure of sharing what we’re reading; where both customers and staff can recommend books they love. A book group takes this further. Although reading is generally a solitary occupation, a particular book can tug our emotions or address a topic that moves us to discuss or share its impact with others. In addition, a book group, like the recommendation of a friend, encourages and supports trying something different, to stray away from a well-worn reading path to explore a new author or a new genre.

Eton book group meets once a month on a Friday evening 6-7pm. Led by Vicki and fuelled with tea and biscuits, members chat about what they’ve been reading. We’d love to see you at the next meeting. Please contact the library for details.

Vicki and Karen enjoyed Maggie O’Farrell’s recent novel. She won the 2010 Costa Novel award with The hand that first held mine, and Instructions for a heatwave was shortlisted for the 2013 award. Her novels explore families and secrets, the things we hide from each other and those moments that can change your life for ever.

This must be the place is her seventh novel. It explores the relationship between Claudette Wells, an internationally renowned actress who has vanished to live as a recluse in Ireland, and her estranged husband Daniel Sullivan, an American linguist. Their story is told by weaving together past and present and different character viewpoints so that we are immersed in the complexity of their relationships and their challenges. However, the twists and turns are delicately and beautifully expressed until we learn that “We must pursue what’s in front of us, not what we can’t have or what we have lost. We must grasp what we can reach and hold on, fast”.

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