Christmas Window Winner - Murrays!

19th December saw the conclusion of Eton's Christmas window display competition, which has seen 14 businesses competing to produce the most festive frontage! Royal Borough Deputy leader Cllr Samantha Rayner joined manager of Eton Information Centre Barbara Hunt and Ros Rivaz the chairman of Eton Community Association in vestigating the glittering displays on offer. After a morning walking through the town studying the varied displays put together by the town's shops and hostelries the difficult decision had to be made... In the end they chose Murray's Hairdresser & Coffee shop window as the best - earning winner Mike Murray a cream tea for two at the Christopher Hotel. The runner-up prize wa

A brief history of Saint John the Evangelist, Eton

In the middle years of the 19th century there was a revival of church life generally. The foundation stone of the present building was laid on October 21st 1852 by Prince Albert. Queen Victoria and Prince Albert gave £100 towards its cost. The original church was large: it being 156ft long, the nave (now the college sanatorium) being 103ft long; the roof was 66ft high; and the tower and the spire (now demolished) was 160ft high. The architect was Mr Benjamin Ferry and the building was built to accommodate 1100 people. In 1954 the spire was demolished and rebuilt as a tower. A number of pews were removed from the west end of the old church and the space obtained used to build new vestries. Th

Advertising for businesses

Following the letter to businesses regarding Advertising boards (" A Boards"), RBWM are providing details about further options offered by the VisitWindsor Team on their digital screens an/ or advertising available in the visitor guides & Website. These will not be the only options but here are details now of these opportunities to promote your business in the coming months and next year, as some ways for retailers and hostelries to advertise. Click on the picture for details about advertising on electronic Digital Display screens such as that shown alongside .. or click here for details about how to advertise your business in the Official Windsor Visitor Guide and Website

Bike Thieves are operating - be aware..

Be aware! Very determined thieves recently stole bikes from the underground car park below Eton Riverside. The owners had all of the recommended security in place. The burglars cut a D lock and other string security cables, which can only be done with specialist cutters. If you think your bike is safe; note the lengths criminals will go to. Make sure your bikes are locked, take photos of them and their frame/serial numbers and consider multiple locks/chains and CCTV systems.

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