Eton Court Road closure 24 Jan

We are in receipt of an application from Cappagh on behalf of Thames Water for partial road closure of a section of Eton Court, Eton for closure taking place between 09:30 hours and 15:30 hours on Thursday 24th January 2019 The works involve sewer cover replacement. Please find attached plan showing closure extent and diversion route. Letter to residents will be provided as soon as it’s received.

Car Key Cloning - BEWARE!

Anyone with a keyless car fob, especially those with valuable/desirable cars are being targetted by professionals who can clone the Car fob with a special device. The signal from keyless fobs can be captured and copied. Owners must therefore take special precautions to prevent this happening. It does though take away the advantages of having a keyless entry system... Always keep keyless fobs in a ‘Faraday cage’ ! That means any metal container, which prevents the signal from escaping and being copied. These include the small metal credit card cases, with the plastic card slots removed Caged ladies purses and handbags are now available Never place key fobs in a container, within 30 feet of

Warnings from the Police

There have been many more warnings from the Police about the latest spate of Scams and crimes. It;s a very long read, but it is worth your while having a look.. it could save you from being a victim! The number one deterrent though - is a burglar alarm. If you don’t have one, or cannot afford one, get a dummy box put up ! We have recently had a few burglaries where entry has been gained via the first floor - which is very unusual. They believe this may be happening, because people are only setting the ground floor zone of their alarm, when leaving properties, rather than setting the whole thing. Can we please remind everyone with an alarm, to set the ground floor when they go to bed - if t

Road Closures in Windsor

ROYAL BOROUGH OF WINDSOR & MAIDENHEAD (SPECIAL EVENTS, WINDSOR) (TRAFFIC REGULATION ORDER) (NO.1) ORDER 1999 I wish to inform you that the Royal Borough of Windsor & Maidenhead, using the enabling powers of the above Traffic Regulation Order, have agreed to the temporary closure of Thames Street, High Street, Peascod Street, Castle Hill and St Albans Street, Windsor. It is planned that the temporary closures will take place on Saturday 17th November 2018 at various times between the hours of 11.45 to 18.30:- Castle Hill (full closure from its junction with Thames Street up to Advance Gate) - approximately 11.45 to 18.30 hrs High Street & Thames Street (full closure from its junction with Cas

Road Closures

The following Road closures are due to take place for the annual Eton Christmas Lights switch-on. There will also be parking suspensions in High Street, from Eton Court to the Windsor & Eton Bridge to facilitate the event from 12.00 to 20.00 hours & from Keate’s Lane to Eton Court between 14:00 to 20:30. Please do not hesitate to contact me should you require any further information:- B3022 High Street - From its junction with Keate’s Lane southwards to its junction with Eton Court. Between 17.00 hours & 20.30 hours on Thursday 15th November B3022 High Street - From its junction with Eton Court southwards to its junction with Brocas Street. Between 16.00 hours & 20.30 hours on Thursday 15th

Eton Christmas

We are lucky to have such a wonderful Christmas event in Eton High Street every year (this year the Christmas Lights switch on is on 15th November), but what are the various items that have to be paid for and how are they funded? People have asked us about the costs of Eton Christmas? Well, there are many costs that we have to incur: The beautiful overhead lights - when we purchased these 3 years ago, that was understandably spread across more than one year, because of the very substantial cost. Mini Christmas trees that go into the flagpole holders - we replaced the lights on these last year to LED and to white (rather than yellow). Electrical connection to the flagpole holders - we have ad

WW1 and Eton, Cote de Meuse

Did you know that there is a small village in Northern France called ETON, which was devastated during the First World War, and was helped to recover by generosity from Eton and Eton College? In fact, many French towns were helped by associations with 100 UK towns, from small to very large projects to help get their lives back together. Éton , Cote de Meuse – our adopted town in North France – was hit pretty badly! Some information was published in ETON matters FEBRUARY 2012 The commune of Eton in NE France dates back to at least 1049 and the time of Pope Leon IX. However, Eton was completely destroyed very early in the First World War on 24th August 1914 by the Germans. At the end of the w

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